AMERICAN WARLORD (Hard cover) – Presale


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THIS IS A PRESALE. Shipping begins mid 2022.


An autobiography by Enrique Tarrio


My journey from normie activist to becoming the Chairman of America’s most notorious patriot group.  This story begins 5 years ago when I met a group of mentally challenged drunks at a house party. These drunks would soon become my bestfriends and the left’s worst enemy. As you you turn these pages you will understand why the left needs to destroy this fraternity. A fraternity that has become a thorn at their sides. My journey will take you through the election of Donald J Trump…The events of Hurricane Harvey…The streets of Portland…The U.S Capitol…And MANY MANY more. I will outline our struggles, our sweat, our blood and our tears. We’ve been called many things, But in this tell all book…I want you to decide.

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