Operation: Patriot 4 Veterans

Operation: Patriots 4 Vets is a program unique to the 1776.shop. Patriots 4 Vets dives deeper than your average donation to other homeless veteran programs. We at 1776.shop believe YOU should see your donations in direct action, showcasing the difference you are making in a homeless veterans life. At 1776.shop, you will be able to purchase blankets, pillows, socks, sweatshirts, water bottles and many other items that will have an immense and lasting impact.


When you purchase these items from 1776.shop, they are shipped to a designated location and distributed to one of the thousands of homeless vets that are struggling to stay alive across our nation. 1776.shop will be creating a video with our Patriots 4 Vets street teams twice a month featuring the items YOU have purchased for veterans in need. These men and women have sacrificed everything for us, yet the globalist scum have continued to place their needs below the needs of criminal illegal aliens.


At 1776.shop, we will not stand idly by while the political controllers and government bureaucrats continue to disrespect our veterans. Our long term goal is to get to know who these individuals are, keep them off the streets, and get them into a home. This is merely phase one of our plan for these forgotten HEROES. To become a member of our Patriots 4 Vets street team in your area, Email us @[email protected]


Operation: Patriots 4 Vets

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